Our Main Expertise

Our main expertise is in the trading of all industrial parts.

Our products are widely used in

Home Appliances
HVAC Industries
Semiconductor Industries
Condenser Industries

Synchronous & Stepping Motor, Switch Base, Forging Parts, Motorcycle Parts, Insulation Material & Fluorine Parts

Machining Parts
(Aluminium, Resin, Stainless Steel, Steel, Mould etc)

We have high precision parts made from metal and plastic material through processes such as Turning, Drilling, Milling, Wire Cutting and etc.

Aluminium Die Casting Parts

Aluminum die casting is a process where parts are casted by forcing molten aluminum under high pressure into mold cavity to produce parts with different shapes and sizes. We trade wide varieties, die casting parts which is suitable for all uses.

Powder/Sintering Metallurgy Parts

Various kind of industrial parts used in compressor, sewing machine, automotive, motor, electronic and etc are made from Powder/Sintering Metallurgy Parts.

Iron Casting Parts

We offer range of products manufactured by Iron Casting process. ( For example Sand Casting, Die Casting, Permanent Mold Casting and etc )

CO2 Welding Wire

GMAW welding wire can be used for single pass or multi-passes welding works and it can be operated with a wide range of welding parameters to produce stable arc and low welding spatters. It is mainly used in automotive parts in automotive industry; it also used in fabrication industry for compressor, LPG Cylinders, steel structure in fabrication industries; and it can also be used in ship building, bridges and pipes.

Copper Brazing and Silver Brazing

We have wide range of alloys that are used for different brazing processes including brazing of copper to copper and copper to metal. These products will be capable to meet customer process specification.

Copper Tubes Products

We have various sizes and shapes of copper tubes, capillary tubes, IC tube, fabricated parts. Copper tubes are suitable for heat exchanger application, and packed in Level Wound Coil ( LWC ), Pancake and straight tube.


Butyl Tapes


Terminal Board


Bolt and Nuts


Press Parts

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