Our Production

Efficient Production Line

Our manufacturing division strife to provide the superior quality products with our full set of efficient production line in order to focus on meeting the customer high expectations and delivering customer satisfaction on multiple business sectors.

Mother rolls of various qualities are slit to suit customer requirements. Slitting & Die Cutting

We are equipped with slitting machine which able to slit film thickness range from 5 to 500 micron.

Slitting and die cutting manufacturing of high tensile film are the core strength of our business. In the recent year, the growing demand for the electrical insulation and audio, visual industries, plus the ever increasing product requirement in today’s consumer market, means the demand for high quality tensile film continues to increase and the manufacturing process become more and more challenging.

We use various punching machines & techniques to die cut in various size and shape. Punching Machine

The high precision punching manufacturing process at our facilities compliment with our core business in die cutting.

Although most of our customers for precision punching products come from multinational industries, we can support wide varieties of punching products.

Our main priority has always been providing best-in-class quality products to our customers. This is achieved by our stringent quality management, in addition to introducing advance and innovation technology equipment that meet and exceed industry standards.

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